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Communications, Humanities, Education, Social Sciences (CHESS)



          The Department of Communications, Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences (CHESS) offers certificates and associate degrees in a variety of subjects that relate to humanities, cultural, social, and educational achievements.  Although the fields of study offered by the disciplines in the Department of CHESS underlie the more specialized world of Bachelor of Arts programs, most of the degree programs are not designed with vocational ends, but rather with academic ends, as the means for understanding society’s conditions, achievements, and problems.  The Department of CHESS also includes courses in Education, which prepares students for transfer in a number of areas including ECME, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Health Education.  Students in these degree programs must be prepared for a wider array of professional responsibilities than ever before and must address the continuing educational needs of learners of all ages.  Students who complete classes in the Department of CHESS will have a broad understanding of the world in which they live and will be able to think logically, to express themselves clearly, to make critical choices about their health, and to understand civic responsibility. 



Dr. Jami L. Huntsinger
Chair of the Division of Chess
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Dr. Huntsinger serves as the Chair of the Division of Communication, Humanities, Education, and Social Sciences.  Her duties include overseeing curriculum and course offerings in Anthropology, Communication and Journalism, ECME, Education, English, French, Health Education, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Political Science, Religion, Sign Language, Sociology, and Spanish.  In addition, she works with Miriam Gustafson, the Program Coordinator of The Department of Language and Literature (English),  Dubra Karnes Padilla, the Program Manager of The Fitness and Wellness Center (FWEC), and Patricia Gillikin, the Program Coordinator of Developmental English to ensure the highest quality of education and instruction.  Dr. Huntsinger is responsible for budgetary concerns, assessment requirements, and of personnel matters.  She also schedules the courses for the Department of Social and Cultural Studies.